IELTS Writing Simulation

Try out an IELTS writing test and get feedback on your performance from an experienced IELTS tutor. Our mock test has the exact same format as the IELTS test with the same number of tasks and question type.

How does it work?

The IELTS writing test is made up of 2 tasks and takes 1 hour to complete. Our Writing Simulation follows the same structure and helps you experience what it feels like to take the test under test conditions. You can choose to complete either the Academic or General Training writing test at home under test conditions and then receive 30 minutes of personalized feedback on your performance from an experienced IELTS tutor.

How will it help you?

By the end of the session you’ll:
  • Be familiar with Task 1 and 2 in the IELTS writing test
  • Know what the examiner looks for using the IELTS writing test assessment criteria
  • Know your areas of strength and how you can write successfully for IELTS
  • Feel more confident about taking the real test You’ll also go away with loads of hints and tips to help you improve your writing score!

Who will it benefit?

The IELTS Writing Simulation will benefit anyone who is planning to take the IELTS test. It’s great for anyone who has never taken the test before, or anyone who is looking to improve their existing score.

Who is your tutor?

Our tutor is a native speaker and has over 10 years teaching experience, a comprehensive understanding of the IELTS test and a proven track record of preparing candidates to achieve the score they need. She has taught IELTS courses to learners of all ages and levels, and consistently tailors instruction to learner needs. She holds a master’s degree in teaching from the University of Oxford and a CIPD Diploma in Learning and Development.

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